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Productivity Notebooks

Hello, my name is Dima and this is my Productivity Book. I started this project in February of 2018 and update it as and when I can. This book is not teaching you anything. My goal is to make anyone who reads this book happier, fulfilled and more successful by sharing all the knowledge and experience I’ve developed, and therefore opening up new perspectives and inspiration for people to improve their own lives.

Many of you probably know me as a fashion model. I would hate to disappoint you, so I will keep a gallery of pictures in a separate part of this website. Enjoy.

I grew up in Ukraine and Africa and I know what a big difference education can make for everyone’s life and humanity in general. End of wars, hunger and poverty are the most important problems but not even all of them. My dream is to build a University that will provide free and relevant education to any person who needs it, in every corner of the world. Thanks to the modern technologies that I adore, I can now realize this online. And this Productivity Notebook is just a first step.

I strongly believe the information should be free for everyone to access, so this website will be too. This project is where my heart is and if you’d like to support it, you can share this or any of the pages on social media or make a donation that will help this project to grow and change the world.

Soon, you will also be able to purchase this book and keep a digital or hard copy, if you wish. Thank you and welcome to my life.