These are the most popular Frequently Asked Questions I receive on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here is some information about me, my modeling career, lifestyle and workouts. More topics, including advice on how to start a modeling career, are coming soon.

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1. About Me

  • How old are you?
    At the moment I'm 26 years old.
  • Where are you from?
    From all over the place. I work all around the world. I was born in USSR, grew up in Ukraine, Tunisia and Italy. Now, I spend most of my time in Los Angeles, California, where I live.
  • What languages do you speak?
    My main language is English. I also speak Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian and Arabic.
  • What are you passionate about?
    I love sports, training, teaching, psychology and writing.
  • What are your favorite color, food and travel destination?
    My favorite color is navy blue, food - Italian, favorite travel destination - Italy.

2. My modeling career

  • What’s your profession?
    I am a professional fashion model. I also own and run a social media marketing company and in my free time, I do fitness training and write for my blog.
  • How long have you been modeling?
    I started my modeling career in 2009.
  • How did you start your modeling career?
    I got into modeling because of my group of friends at the time. They were so sure that I had to be a model that they convinced me to take professional pictures and take them to a modeling agency in Kiev. On my first interview, the director took my polaroids and measurements, asked me to show my runway walk and eventually I got signed. I was 19 years old. Since then, I've had years of professional experience with different types of modeling, built my portfolio, started working internationally and signed with multiple agencies around the world. I’m excited about all of the opportunities that await me in the future.
  • What agency are you signed with?
    I have multiple agencies for different markets globally. Wilhelmina in Los Angeles and London, Next in Miami, JE in San Francisco, Kult in Hamburg and I Love Models in Milan, etc.
  • What do you think is your biggest achievement?
    It’s hard to asses your own progress. While having started in Ukraine, becoming an international model and working with such brands as Guess, Armani and Dolce Gabbana definitely feels fantastic, I think that the most important thing is to inspire people around the world and help them to grow into the best version of themselves.
  • How can I book you?
    I work through my agencies that represent me on different markets. If you have a project - you can let me know, and I will make sure my agency knows about it.

3. Fitness

  • How long have you worked out to get a body like this?
    Actually, not that long. In Ukraine, where I grew up, body building was not common. Prior to lifting weights, I’ve spent about 10 years of daily hip-hop dance practice, gymnastics and yoga. Since January 2015, I’ve been hitting gym almost every day.
  • How often do you workout?
    I work out for 60 minutes 4 times a week, usually in the morning or in early afternoon. Another 2 days a week I do different activities like hiking, yoga, spin or a dance class. One day a week I give my body a rest.
  • What is your workout routine?
    Every week, I repeat 4 consecutive workouts focusing on (1) chest & triceps, (2) back & biceps, (3) legs & shoulders, and (4) full body respectively. Below is the program I started with my first year. Gradually, I’ve been increasing the weights and modifying it depending on my goals and body needs, but the core of the program stays the same.
  • What do you eat?
    The 3 main rules of my diet are: high-protein, low-carbs and gluten-free eating. For breakfast I usually have scrambled egg whites, yogurt and fresh squeezed orange juice, for lunch - chicken breast with soup or salad, and steak or fish with brown rice or quinoa and vegetables for dinner. Fruits, protein bars and shakes between meals.
  • How do I get defined abs?
    Unlike other parts of your body, abs need attention every day. First of all, you should start with your diet. No fast-food, fried food or processed carbs to help eliminate the layer of fat that covers the 8-pack you work  so hard for. Second, the workout routine. Here is mine. Each time I do 9 to 12 sets of various exercises. There are dozens of things you can do, but my favorite are incline and jackknife sit-ups, decline and oblique crunches, leg lifts, twists and air bike, scissor kicks and planks. 15 to 30 reps, or about 90 seconds at a time depending on the level of difficulty. I usually stop when I can’t handle the pain anymore. Plus, 1-2 times a week I go to sweat it out in a sauna or steam room to keep my body lean and defined.

4. How to become a model

  • I want to become a model. Where should I start?
    Your first steps should be taking your measurements and digitals photos to submit to agencies. Next, apply online to modeling agencies in your city and attend as many open calls as you can. Listen to what they say and try to follow their advice! For more info, read my post “How to become a model and Start a Modeling Career”.
  • I am only 5’10”. Can I still become a model?
    I’m sure you can. Cameron Dallas is. Even though height is the first thing an agency looks at, in modeling there are more important things than that. Besides, there are many types of modeling, and the only one that requires you to be a certain height is runway. You can a be a great photo model, fitness model or fashion blogger without being tall. If you build a large social media following, for example on Instagram, you won't be asked for a height to get offers from brands that want to work with you.
  • Can I learn to be a model or do I have to be perfect from the birth?
    Yes, you can become a model, learn to be photogenic and take good pictures. No one is born a model and nobody is perfect. What you see in magazines or on Instagram is a result of years of consistent work, diet & exercise, regimen and practice, combined with the work of professional team of photographers, stylists, makeup artists and retouchers. If you are ready to commit - do it. And I’ll do what I can to show you how.
  • How to take good pictures?
    The first thing you need is practice taking pictures to feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be open to what you can do better. Learn from your experience. Pay attention to three things: a natural pose, good lighting and the right angle. You got this!
  • I signed with a modeling agency. What’s next?
    Now, it’s time to work on a few things. First is your book. Unless you already have an established portfolio, your agency will set you up for some test shoot to show you in your best light to clients. Second is meeting clients. Go to every casting or go-see that your agency sends you to. Don’t expect to book jobs right away. Allow yourself few months to get results. Sooner or later, quantity turns into quality and you will be working regularly. Last but not least: if you haven’t done so yet, start building your Instagram. It’s big right now for every model and it will help you build the career you want.
  • Do you have any advice you’d be willing to give me?
    The best advice I can give you is to develop your Instagram and social media as much as you possibly can. Don’t try to build it all at once, but stay active, regularly post quality images and check your comments and messages to achieve a stable growth. Once you get to dozen thousand followers, your social media will help you with exposure, getting noticed and booking jobs, really big sometimes. Many agencies and brands consider model’s Instagram when looking for new faces. Some clients book models based on their image and social media popularity. Plus, you’ll learn about self-marketing along the way and open yourself to some amazing opportunities and people.