Hello! I am Dima :)

There is a specific reason I’ve disappeared from your sight for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been working hard on something new and very exciting for me, and now I’m ready to introduce you to my personal blog: I am Dima.

A big part of me has always been passionate about websites and internet technology. I enjoy writing and talking about things I love and had a need to create and share what I learn. This blog is going to be mostly about my life, thoughts and ideas, books I read, adventures I encounter, people I admire, knowledge and observations I want to pass on, experiences I want to share and a journey I belong to. If you’re reading this – I’m doing this for you. Therefore, my biggest pleasure is to know you enjoy my blog and find it useful.

I think I’ll keep my first post short. Many more posts are coming soon, and particularly the next one will be about me and some facts about my life.

P.S. I’m not expecting a lot of comments, but you’re always welcome to leave a couple of words about yourself, what you think and what you’d love to read about on this page. And thank you for being one of my first readers!