How to become a model and start a modeling career

How to become a model and start a modeling career
Dima Gornovskyi
How to become a model and start a modeling career

A dream to become a model can turn into a reality. If you like what you see in magazines and fashion shows – here’s how you can sign with a modeling agency and start a professional career.

The 5 most common ways to start a modeling career

There never was a winner, who wasn’t a beginner. To begin, I would suggest you check out the “Become a model” website pages of the agencies you are most interested in. Here are details on how many professional models got signed with agencies.

1. Online Submissions

The direct way to get in touch with a new face division is to submit your images via their website. Most agencies around the world have an online form with detailed instructions on images and information required. You don’t need to have professional images but make sure to pay attention to the requirements and submit exactly what they ask for.

For example, LA Models expects you to send a headshot straight on, full length body shot, 3/4 shot straight on and headshot profiles. They suggest you shoot digital photos with a plain wall or simple background behind you, wear a swimsuit, keep your hair pulled back and be as natural as possible (no make up).

Agencies only respond to people they’re interested in. If you haven’t heard back, your next step are the “Open Calls” that most agencies have.

2. Open Calls

Some agencies hold regular open calls for anyone who wants to become a model. Usually, they state the age range and other specifications they’re looking for. You should attend as many open calls as you can and see who might call you back. They may ask you a few questions about your age, location, future plans, etc., to see how suitable you are to work professionally.

Similar to online submissions, agencies only call back a few people they want to represent. But an in-person appearance will significantly increase your chances to attract an agency’s attention.

3. Modeling contests

Some models I’ve worked with were signed after winning a modeling contest. Modeling scouts travel around the world searching for new faces. If you want to get in the room with the right people from the modeling industry – this is how. Research local competitions and those in your closest big market city.

4. Instagram

Instagram possesses the highest concentration of professionals who work in fashion and modeling. Most of them check their Instagram every day and even major agencies scout for new faces on social media. Find out if the agencies you’re interested in have a hashtag that will put you in front of their eyes. Additionally, you can send a Direct Message including your images and info to their Instagram or Facebook page.

5. Modeling Websites

Some websites offer contacts to help you find an agent. is the largest and might be worth checking out.

I sign a modeling contract. What’s next?

The agency that signs you initially will becomes your Mother Agency. A Mother Agency gives you instructions about castings and jobs, helps you build your portfolio and expands your representation overseas.