Can I be a model? Modeling requirements for men and women

Can I be a model? Modeling requirements for men and women
Dima Gornovskyi
Dima Gornovskyi: Can I be a model? Modeling requirements for men and women

I must warn you. While I wish it wasn’t true, not everybody is cut out to be a professional fashion model. Over the years, the modeling industry has developed specific requirements in selecting those who they will ultimately choose as professional models.

These are the general industry standards. Depending on the market and particular agencies, these requirements will vary. If you don’t get signed at one place, try other options in your city. You might even want to travel to different markets or countries to see if you make a good fit somewhere else.

Modeling requirements for women

Age: between 13-25 years old. Some agencies will require you to be at least 16 years old or might not sign you after the age of 21-23.
Height: between 5’8”-6’ (172-183cm).
Measurements: bust between 32″-36″ (81-91cm), waist 22″-26″ (51-66cm), hips 33″-35″ (84-89cm), and dress size 4-6 US (6-8 UK).

Modeling requirements for men

Age: between 15-30 years old.
Height: 5’11”-6’3” (180-190 cm).
Measurements: chest between 37”-42” (94-106cm), waist 30”-32” (76-81cm), fit and lean body type.

While it won’t affect your chances to get signed, you also need to know your shoe size, hair and eye color.

Your look

This is the subjective part that goes beyond someone’s idea of “beautiful” or “attractive” and is up to a particular agent you meet with. Generally, they expect you to have a fit and lean body type, healthy hair and skin and classic facial features. There are two main kinds of modeling, ‘fashion’ (or ‘editorial’) and ‘commercial’, which has their own set of rules and trends. In addition, you will be surprised how good advice, hard work, professional hair style, make up, lighting and photography can make all the difference.