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Welcome to my website where I post about productivity, life, business, and tools that make my life happier and better every day.

  • Lifestyle


    Happiness means a different thing for everybody. But who doesn't want to become happy? I do. These three discoveries changed my life and helped me become happier than ever.
  • Tools


    This is the list of questions I ask myself if not every morning with my Life Review, then at least once in a while, or when I get lost.
  • Lifestyle


    While I love to cook and can pout together almost anything, I am not the biggest advocate of spending too much time on something that is consumed. This is why my cooking routines are very simple, defined and optimized for time and health.
  • Business

    Writing Rules

    Writing is one of my favorite things I've been continuously doing for the last 10 years. I have a framework of rules and principles to help me write faster, better and almost painlessly.
  • Business

    Business Apps

    The apps and services we use are very simple and support the basic needs most businesses have: messaging, collaboration, task management and accounting.