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Welcome to my website where I post about productivity, life, business, and tools that make my life happier and better every day.

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    New Year’s Resolutions

    For me, resolutions are some of the most exciting things about the New Year. I do set and achieve goals at any time, but the change in year gives me a reason to stop, review where I'm at and align my goals with the bigger picture.
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    One of my favorite activities in the world is to read. I love books as much as I love people, so my website wouldn't be complete without the list of my favorite books. And blogs, because we live in the Internet era where some of the great authors prefer to share their work online.
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    State of Flow

    Achieving and maintaining the here and now moment, also referred to as the state of flow or being in the zone.
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    Some of the most popular questions I get asked on social media are about male model workout, diet and fitness regimen. Here is my answer, and I hope, it will help you to get into the shape you will be proud of.