About Me

About Me

Hello, I am Dima. I love web, teaching and personal growth so I started this website to share how I make my work more productive, my life better, and myself happier.

I grew up in different places, including Ukraine, Tunisia and Italy, and went to French school in Kiev. Since the age of 17, I’ve had simultaneous careers in journalism, modeling and marketing. In my free time, I was teaching dance class, traveling and reading. I’ve experienced multiple cultures and learned several foreign languages. At the age of 23, one of my work projects provided me with opportunity to relocate to California where I currently reside.


  • Birthday: March 29, 1990.
  • Origin: Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Current location: Los Angeles, CA.
  • Zodiac sign: Aries.
  • Pets: A chocolate Labrador named Fievel.
  • Favorite color: Blue.
  • Hobbies: Psychology, writing and web.
  • Occupation: marketing and modeling.
  • Other countries: Tunisia, Italy.

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I enjoy collaborating with brands who support quality content.


I speak on productivity, personal growth, marketing and social media.

Courses (Soon)

If you need a personal guidance, check out the courses I teach.


For modeling jobs please contact me or my agency LA Models.


Personal productivity coaching available in California or online.


Marketing and social media consulting for businesses.

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