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Welcome to my website where I post about productivity, life, business, and tools that make my life happier and better every day.

  • Tools
    Journaling and Morning Pages


    Journaling or Morning Pages is a universal tool to connect to your consciousness, clear your headspace, unleash your creativity and tap into inner knowledge..
  • Problems
    Limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

    Limiting Beliefs

    From all the challenges in achieving our goals, the set of limiting beliefs might be the hardest to win. These 7 tools will help you identify your limiting beliefs and transform them to help you build the life you want.
  • Business
    Instagram Tips and Strategies

    Instagram Tips

    Instagram, and social media in general, gained phenomenal importance in business and, for some people, life. Here are some strategies and principles that helped me establish my own, and several other, social media presence.
  • Tools

    Daily Planning

    My daily planning takes 5 minutes in the morning and helps me build my to-do list, prioritize my tasks, and have a clear plan for every day. It focuses on the most important areas of my life and solves the "where do I start", "I can't keep up" and "am I forgetting anything" problems.
  • Problems


    Why people procrastinate, avoid taking action, and put off doing what’s most important to the very end. How we overcome procrastination, laziness, and perfectionism by embracing the fear of the unknown.