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Welcome to my website where I post about productivity, life, business, and tools that make my life happier and better every day.

  • Problems


    Why people procrastinate, avoid taking action, and put off doing what’s most important to the very end. How we overcome procrastination, laziness, and perfectionism by embracing the fear of the unknown.
  • Problems


    How I overcame perfectionism and the fear to seem imperfect, let go of self-criticism and learned to appreciate what I do.
  • Productivity

    Habits Principles

    Habits are one of the main things that determine your success. The best news is that all habits work the same way. We can break them down into elements, adjust, replace or develop them from scratch. If you learn how to succeed with one habit, you can apply the same formula to all of them.
  • Lifestyle

    Law of Attraction

    The secret of successful manifestation is to just do it. Once you start - you will intuitively feel where to move forward. To make is easy and fun, treat it as an exciting and fun game. The Law of Attraction principles will help you achieve your goals faster and more precisely.
  • Lifestyle


    As a health-conscious person, I try to get most nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fresh food. But I often forget to eat, so I have a few supplements to help me complete my diet. These are the items from my kitchen cabinet with my comments on how I use them.